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Dark Knight: Review

Dark Knight, The JokerI would be remiss if I didn’t post an “official” review of the Dark Knight. I was finally able to get out and see this one (actually twice this weekend) and it was definitely one of those rare experiences where the movie lives up to the hype. This movie really transcends the comic book hero category, it is a film full of mature performances that really sells the tragedy in the story-line, I would even call it a work of art.

I went into this movie with so much anticipation and having it built up in my mind that there was no way it could deliver, right? This one does, it is a full 2.5 hours of action, with no real slow parts to speak of. The acting is top-notch (dare I say Oscar-worthy for some performances?), even down to the performances of the supporting cast. Heath Leger’s

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performance as the Joker will no doubt go down in movie history as one of the great performances of his time, he may indeed become the first posthumous Oscar winner since Peter Finch in The Network download Wild Things: Diamonds in the Rough movie

. Even Christian Bale was able to bring depth to Bruce Wayne’s character, a character I have always thought was an afterthought for many actors in the role.

There is plenty of Batman lore for even the heartiest of fans and enough visceral Batman vs. Joker style action for the lighter followers. The core of this film is much closer to Frank Miller’s Batman Year One than the first of Director Chris Nolan’s Batman movies Batman Begins did, with Heath Ledger’s

Joker and many central plot ideas coming closer to the famous Alan Moore

style in The Killing Joke.

I say this movie is one of the greats, you really should go see it in the theaters, you probably don’t need to hurry out, since it will probably be showing for the entire summer. The box office reports put this movie, only after 3 weeks, at earning almost 400 million dollars, that’s simply astounding. Three weeks since opening night and the theater I saw this movie in on this past Friday night was completely full.

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