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Category: Movie of the Week

Movie of the Week + Review: The Drop

The Drop is a simmering and intense crime drama. ‘Cousin Marv’ is played by James Gandolfini, in his last role, as the owner of a bar frequently used as a ‘drop’ or a place where money is passed through as part of a money-laundering scheme. Tom Hardy stars as Bob, a quiet and perhaps even seemingly slow bartender.

If Bob has anything approaching a catch phrase for this film, it would be “I just tend the bar.” When being questioned as to whether he has anything to do with the drops, he says “I’m just a bartender.” When it’s about whether he’s anything like the Chechen gangsters who actually run the bar, he answers “I just tend the bar.” And as the movie goes on and you’re drawn into the story and learn, bit by bit, why the characters act the way they do, that idea takes on different meanings. Is he just a lunk of a bartender who has the unfortunate task of having to work for mobsters? Is it possible to just go through this sort of life and be unaffected by the things that other people do around you? The way the movie reveals these details of the story and character is masterful.

And while there’s not much violence in the movie, the constant threat of it is palpable. These characters are always aware that someone could end it all. So much so that when the few moments of violence do happen, they’re that much more effective and shocking.

In addition to Hardy and Gandolfini, Noomi Rapace stars as a sort of romantic interest but one who’s life is more intertwined than it first appears. That she’s a Swedish actress and the director Michael R. Roskam is from Belgium yet the performances and film feels entirely ‘Brooklyn’ is also a testament to their skills.

The Drop starts Friday, September 12. Find Movie Times here.

Movie of the week: Ghostbusters

Perhaps it was trying compensate for that George Orwell book, but 1984 was arguably one of the best years ever when it comes to movies and pop culture. Not only did our movie of the week Ghostbusters come out, 1984 saw the release of such classics as Temple of Doom, Gremlins and The Karate Kid. In addition to movies, so many 80’s things were at their prime. MTV, skateboarding, BMX and breakdancing. Cyndi Lauper. The space shuttle, the olympics in LA, world’s fairs. The original Macintosh came out in 1984, although I was spending hours playing the Ghostbusters game on my Commodore 64. All in all, it was a glorious time to be 9 years old.

So I’m happy that I’ll be able to take my 8 and 11 year old kids to see this in the theater tonight, so they’ll be able to get maybe a little taste of 1984.

The 30th Anniversary Ghostbusters is ‘remastered and restored’ and starts tonight at Regal Sandhill.

Check out the 30th Anniversary Trailer

Bonus Nostalgia

If that’s not enough for you, The Big Mo drive-in in Monetta is showing all TRIPLE features this weekend. On one of their three screens you can catch American Graffiti, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Rocky Horror Picture Show back to back to back. Whoa.

Movie of the Week: Boyhood

In Dazed and Confused and School of Rock, Director Richard Linklater showed a real knack for portraying the stages of kids lives at points when they’re really trying to figure out who they are. Although very much fictional and even kind of ridiculous there was a lot of truth in there.

Boyhood is very much about coming of age except for one large difference. It follows the story of a boy and his family over the course of 12 years and was actually filmed over those same 12 years with the same actors. There have been other films like the Up Series that follows the same people, but I don’t think there’s been a fictional movie that follows actors like this.

Boyhood currently sports a 99% on Rotten Tomatoes and opens today at The Nickelodeoon, Carmike Wynnsong 10 and Regal Columbiana Grande.

Get times here.