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Category: Pixar/Animation

Inside Out and Dope open this week in Columbia

The yearly Pixar movie comes out this week and it looks fantastic. Inside Out is currently at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and most critics are saying it’s one of the best Pixar movies yet. Meanwhile, Dope looks like a fun and thought-provoking film about a group of geeks in the inner-city faced with a big problem. The clue is the title.

Inside Out


Also, if you feel like braving the 100+ degree heat, on Friday night you can catch ‘How to Train Your Dragon 2’ as part of Summer Movies at Riverfront Park.

Thanksgiving week movies in Columbia: The Theory of Everything, Horrible Bosses 2, Penguins of Madagascar & Dr. Cabbie

After you fill up on turkey and dressing, you’re probably going to need to figure out what to do with the long weekend. Luckily there’s a couple of interesting movies opening.

The Theory of Everything

This is a biopic focusing on Stephen Hawking’s early life and relationship with his first wife. It’s currently at 81% on Rotten Tomatoes and I’m sure you’ll be hearing about this movie more come Oscar season based on the performance of Eddie Redmayne as Hawking.

Horrible Bosses 2

I don’t really have high hopes for this movie. It’s unfortunate because I like a lot of the actors in it, but it looks like a bit aof stinker.

Penguins of Madagascar

I thought this was a sequel to another movie, but it turns out this is based on a TV series. I think that just goes to show how a lot of these Dreamworks zoo/animal animated features tend to blur together. At any rate, I’m sure this will be an entertaining family film.

Dr. Cabbie

The fact that immigrants with advanced degrees have trouble getting work in their fields and as a result have to take jobs like driving taxis is a real issue. Using that as a setup for a comedy is unique. In Dr. Cabbie, the main character is a doctor from India, who is unable to get a job in the US as a doctor, and through a chain of events ends up using a taxi as a mobile doctors office. Yep.


Newest Pixar movie.  Enjoy.

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