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Category: Romantic comedies

Movie of the Week: Begin Again


Begin Again is a new movie from John Carney, the writer-director of Once. Like Once, this is a movie about music and relationships. Starring Mark Ruffalo as a washed-up record producer and Kiera Knightley as a heartbroken singer-songwriter, it looks like a sweet movie for fans of music-themed movies. It also stars Adam Levine of Maroon 5, so there’s that. Once managed to snag an Oscar and a Grammy nomination so it will be interesting to see if anything like that happens this time around.

Check out the trailer:

Begin Again is currently playing at the Nickelodeon, find movie times here.

Is Jason Segal the Next Ben Stiller?

Watching the trailer for Forgetting Sarah Marshall Three and Out trailer

, I am struck by how much it looks like some lost Farrelly Brothers/Ben Stiller movie. Comically vulnerable guy gets dumped and then trembles and pratfalls his way to true love with fun/foxy lady. With a cast of distinctive television actors Jason Segal (“Freaks and Geeks,” “How I Met Your Mother”), Kristen Bell (“Veronica Mars”) and Mila Kunis (“That 70’s Show”), it looks a little like action figures put through the romantic comedy motions in your sister’s dollhouse, complete with the goofiest take on a rock star boyfriend since John Corbett rocked the recorder in 2001’s Serendipity

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly movie download Dreamcatcher video Dog Soldiers download

Life Stinks film

The Weight of Water dvd Omen IV: The Awakening trailer download 2012

Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia download . It’s sure to be slapstick fun with a dose of heart, and I’ll totally be there, hoping Judd Apatow works his usual magic with his cast of buddies, like potential scene-stealer Jonah Hill (Superbad Lifeforce divx

50 First Dates movie

). And maybe Bell, so fierce and sharp in “Veronica Mars,” gets a worthy line or two. Get in line for popcorn on April 18.

Let's Leave Poor Abigail Breslin Alone, People

This past summer my friend and I were in a theater, punchy with outrage at No Reservations

White Oleander download

. What we thought would be as guilty a pleasure as the happily massive bowl of spaghetti featured in the trailer turned out to be the most appalling bit of neglect porn served up since Gwyneth Paltrow languished away in her equally-creepy apartment in Se7en (shame on you, Catherine Zeta-Jones). So when Definitely, Maybe Deadgirl dvdrip showed up in the coming attractions recently, I considered throwing my precious popcorn at the screen while Laura howled, “Leave that poor girl alone!” (more…)