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Category: Viral Movie Marketing

Have Optimus Prime call your buds

Neat viral movie marketing gimmick spotting: Have a phone call made to your buddy

Shocker dvd

Black Narcissus movie

Sam Worthington Jake Sully

Being There video

Heavens Prisoners film

Doctor Dolittle

with Optimus Prime’s voice.

I remember the Snakes on a Plane marketing project where you could call your friends using Samuel Jackson’s voice.  This kind of thing is really neat and can be fun to play around with.  I guess it helps sell DVD’s every once and a while too…

Double Jeopardy movie

A Perfect Murder trailer

Hobgoblins 2 divx

download Vanishing Point movie

Register for the end of the world lottery

I love viral marketing campaigns for movies.  That is I love to discover them and watch what they are doing.  Check this one out for the upcoming Roland Emmerich’s 2012.

Immortel (ad vitam) hd

Go and register for the end of the world lottery The Alphabet Killer hd

Return Of The Magnificent Seven dvd

The Town That Dreaded Sundown dvd Horton Hears a Who! film

now or you could perish…

Funny Face hd

The Program divx

Adam Resurrected trailer The Interpreter hd