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Phoenix Forgotten

Phoenix Forgotten
1h 20m
Horror, Mystery, Science Fiction

AMC Dutch Square 14

421-80 Bush River Road, Columbia, SC 29210


Carmike Cinemas 14

122 Afton Court, Columbia, SC 29212


Regal Columbia Cinema 7

Richland Mall, Columbia, SC 29204

2:00, 5:00, 8:00, 10:15

Regal Sandhill Stadium 16 IMAX and RPX

450 Town Center Pl, Columbia, SC 29229


All movies, times, & pricing subject to change.

Florence Hartigan, Jeanine Jackson, Chelsea Lopez, Justin Matthews

In the spring of 1997, several residents of Phoenix, Arizona claimed to witness mysterious lights in the sky. This phenomenon, which became known as "The Phoenix Lights," remains the most famous UFO sighting in American history. On July 23, 1997, three high school student filmmakers went missing while camping in the desert outside Phoenix. The purpose of their trip was to document their investigation into the Phoenix Lights. They were never seen again. Twenty years later, Sarah Bishop, a documentary filmmaker and younger sibling of one of the missing, returns to Phoenix to delve into the their disappearances and the emotional trauma left on those that knew them. Nothing can prepare her for the shocking discovery of a tape from the night her brother and his friends disappeared.